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Sales & Marketing Jobs Pros

Are sales for you?

Sales positions are in every industry in the country.

Pros and Positives:

– Sales Jobs are plentiful. companies are always looking for sales professionals.

– When you have 2+ years of experience it is generally easy to jump from job to job or company to company and demand higher base salaries and commissions. The job search is quick and easy compared to others.

– These jobs are available to a wide variety of college graduate majors and workers of other industries. Some include: Liberal Arts, Business, Engineering, Marketing, communications, Economics, Accounting, etc. Almost any major qualifies for some type of sales positions. For people already working, any business to business or service positions qualify for intermediate level sales positions.

– The sky is the limit for how much money you can make or earn yearly. Sales positions usually have a base salary with commission and incentives for accounts logged and actual sales. The harder you work usually translates into how much money you will make. People that spend 40 – 60 hours a week can make anywhere from 50 thousand to 300 thousand yearly.

– Work times and duty hours are not as rigid as salary workers. You are working in essence to make more money for yourself. So if you want to take an afternoon off most of the time it will be at your discretion. Bosses and supervisors are just looking at the bottom line and whether you reached your goals or not.

– Bonuses are common when an employee consistently exceeds sales goals.

Sales & Marketing Jobs Cons

Cons or Potential Negatives:

– Self-discipline with time is very important. The more you work the more you make. The less you work the less you make.

– You can have inconsistent pay. Base salary you can depend on per paycheck but commissions are dependent on performance. You may make twice as much pay one month over the next. Budgeting becomes important.

– On the road constantly. Sales people travel frequently to their clients. Driving or flying are routine job duties.

– Have to reach performance goals monthly and yearly. When entering a sales position your employer will set minimum goals that you will have to meet to stay satisfactory. Pressure to reach these goals is the con.

– Must be able to accept being turned down regularly. Rejection by prospective customers and clients is routine. You need to brush it off and move on.