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Salary negotiation tips for job interview

A successful interview session would often begin with resume review and end with salary negotiation. Do not walk away from it by simply agreeing to the salary and benefits offered to you. Never walk into one ill-prepared and jeopardize your chance of getting hired. Most importantly, clear your mind of the misconception that negotiating for a suitable pay package will kill your chance of getting the job. You should instead see salary negotiation as quantifying your worth and providing justification for a better pay package to your future employer.

Hiring company will hold either of the 2 stands towards salary negotiation – stay firm or negotiate. You can apply simple 3 step salary negotiation strategy when you have been offered the job. How far you can push the limit will very much also depends on how you have demonstrated your worth and value during the interview process.

If you have been recruited via a recruiter or headhunter, keep a person in the loop and enlist the person to help to negotiate a suitable pay package. This person can act as a buffer and prevent the hiring managers from having negative feelings about you. You do not want to come across as a greedy, demanding or full of yourself person before you even step through the Company’s door as an employee.

After all, is said and done – pay is not everything. It must be a job you can learn, grow and contribute positively to. Ask yourself some simple questions like Is there visible career path? Are the superior supportive and nurturing? Whether the corporate culture matches your individual goals and objectives

If you really need time to think through, buy time. And talk to people in the know. It is not worth jumping into the wrong job only to quit shortly and to start the job search all over again. If you really have to turn down the offer, do it graciously, don’t burn bridges. Keep the door open. You never know when the Company might be hiring again.