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Introductions and Conclusions in Essay

I’d like to talk about introductions and conclusions because often they’re the hardest parts to do of the SS so personally I would leave them both to the end because your interest first are basically lists for things you’re going to say in your essay and if you’ve not written it yet quite often you don’t know what’s going to be in your essay because you change your mind as you write actually write an instruction and what you should put in there is basically and choose the subject define any key words so my essay is on and I quote parietal art so I would have to explain what parietal means that anyone who wants to know it’s basically Paleolithic but the French word and so I’d have to explain all of that and then I will have to maybe define what could be asked and what currently glasses are and then T’s in an argument so I have an argument that an th century philosopher claims that art wasn’t up until the Enlightenment period which is when people were starting to reject religion or things like that during the th century and th century and so I’d bring that in.

And it’s fine – brilliant argument in the introduction it’s fine and you can do that and and you can then bring a converse argument in but only briefly say it don’t write for paragraph on it the best thing to do in the intro is to introduce or is it an argument that you’re then going to do in full in the essay if you read the academic pieces they all say this paper will discuss or this essay will assess and yes that’s what you have to do basically and you just list the things that you can assay and also you list what books you’re going to talk about so this essay will compare this author this author and this article for on two conclusions they are pretty similar to an introduction after that however instead of saying this at a will you can say this essay did.

The only rules for conclusion is don’t bring in any new arguments any new books don’t bring in any bringing anything new unless it is completely your opinion your conclusion should be longer than the introduction maybe to even last hello Auto paragraph onward would probably be about this big this big to this book not how many word patents but yes is bigger mistake if that makes sense so your conclusion basically sort your essay answer the questions bring in your opinion add in a converse argument to basically write your essay in physics four sentences nine five six six sentences yes conclusions that’s it so one of the things that’s different about a uni essay that to lip to GCSE and a-level essays is that you have to do citations and a bibliography so if you’ve done my EPQ which is the expenditure project qualification in the UK then you’ve done this already to an extent because it’s slightly different but yeah a lot of people this is a new thing after each time you’ve talked about topics that you’ve read from a book or you’ve cited someone exactly so in quote marks you need to put a bracket and then their surname comma a year the book was published and then if you quoted exactly you need a colon and the page number.