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Expectations From Argumentative Essay

In this lesson we will explain exactly what argument is and how to start building an argument essay so let’s get started what is argument argument is to convince an audience to accept a particular point of view or to perform a particular action it is also a piece of writing that takes a position on an issue and proves the position with facts and persuasion persuasion means emotional appeals that will get people to think the way you want them to think or do what you want them to do so in the Common Core Standards you will see this language students should really be able to write an argument essay that takes a position on an issue using valid reasoning supported by sufficient evidence that it is a whole lot of words right there. More on argumentative essays at Edusson.

Let’s break down exactly what you are expected to do in writing a proper argument essay what this position mean position is your opinion or your stance on an issue remember argument has two sides so your position is the side you are taking what do we mean by issue well issue means the topic or the subject of the argument basically what you are arguing about so again there is the language write an argument essay that takes a position on an issue using valid reasoning supported by sufficient evidence and this is coming from the Common Core Standards now we already explained what argument is what a position is and what we mean by issue now let us take a look at using valid reasoning what do we mean by that valid reasoning means that your ideas make logical sense to most readers when people read your writing it should make sense to them when we say your ideas or your concepts or your claims.

We also mean the main points that you are making in your argument so remember when you hear the words ideas claims or main points we’re talking about the same thing they all are synonymous they all mean the same thing all of your main points explain your position without getting off-track so valid reasoning means that your ideas make sense and you stay focused sufficient evidence using facts outside research from experts and illustrative examples to fully explain and support your main point your ideas or your claims we will put this all together in a slide coming up so hang on in there we do have a lot of terms to define so remember these argument essay guidelines 1 the topic must be debatable you must be able to take aside for or against remember there are two sides to every argument and thirdly your position is also called your thesis in your thesis statement you will let your reader know what your position is or what side of the argument you are defending so let’s use an example let’s say the issue or the topic to be discussed is standardized testing in public schools.