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Are sales for you? Sales positions are in every industry in the country. Pros and Positives: – Sales Jobs are plentiful. companies are always looking for sales professionals. – When you have 2+ years of experience it is generally easy to jump from job to job or company to company and demand higher base salaries […]

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Salary negotiation tips for job interview

A successful interview session would often begin with resume review and end with salary negotiation. Do not walk away from it by simply agreeing to the salary and benefits offered to you. Never walk into one ill-prepared and jeopardize your chance of getting hired. Most importantly, clear your mind of the misconception that negotiating for a […]

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Why You Need To FOCUS Your Brand

One of the most common mistakes people make when they go looking for a job is to cast the broadest net possible hoping that “something will come along.” I hear it all the time: “What kind of work are you looking for?” “Oh, I will do ANYTHING!” Really? You will do anything? Then why aren’t […]

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Find a Job or Find a Career?

The days when people would spend an entire lifetime in one line of work are over. Because of economics, developments in technology, and readily available career training, people can now change careers two or even three times in a lifetime. If you are considering a new path professionally, then congratulations on having the courage to […]