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A Complete Thought

A sentence must be a complete thought now having established that we need now to be careful of some of the complete thoughts that we don’t write carefully so I’m dealing with the the walls pose or the the timbers in the walls when I’m talking about centers sentences in this structure we are building called an essay and I’m comparing it to a house now for example I haven’t got time to tell you all the kinds of mistakes that I find in sentences but I just share this one it’s the misplaced modifier so here’s what I mean here’s a sentence which although it’s a complete thought it needs something a little more her to wear the new credit as a careful thinker. Take a look at other essays about essays onĀ Robotdon.

Here is a tombstone the tombstone read erected to the memory of james smith shot as a token of affection by his brother yet it okay think about it replay this i’m sure you’ve got it okay you see what I mean now I had to mark sentences out because research showed that the quicker you get feedback if you’re a student the better it is for you you don’t keep on making the same mistakes I’m in my high school experience when classes were so big it was so difficult to mark the essays and get the stuff back to the students and before they kept on using it and so it was almost embedded as part of their normal behavior but anyway and in that marking I would sometimes find comma splices now a comma splice is to complete thoughts joined by a comma instead of a full stop or an end or a semicolon they are called comma splices if you have to complete thoughts I am tired i will go to bed written as one sentence that too is an incorrect formal sentence it is in fact what we call a fused by the way that running by the river without the verb is called a sentence fragment.

It’s only a part of it well this is an interesting area but if I’m going to get right through the things i want to share with you i can’t dwell on those anymore so I word let me go then to the next part of the structure at this this edifice of my thinking about the subject I want to share with you which I’m trying to make rather special worth reading exciting inspiring you have all of those opportunities there well what do you do with the sentences well after you’ve sentenced them to life good little joke yes I think they’ll do after you’ve sentenced them to life you need to put them into paradise now why do it paragraphs exists well they exist because it has terribly hard to read a slab of words on a whole page with no arrangement so paragraphs are there and conventionally as part of the system that has evolved for us users of English.