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A Complete Thought

A sentence must be a complete thought now having established that we need now to be careful of some of the complete thoughts that we don’t write carefully so I’m dealing with the the walls pose or the the timbers in the walls when I’m talking about centers sentences in this structure we are building […]


The Problem In The Research

The abstract sells your research ideas so once it is accepted for the conference it goes into the conference abstract book and conference goers will make the decision on whether or not to attend your presentation from what you have written and what they can see in the abstract book so of course it’s quite […]


Expectations From Argumentative Essay

In this lesson we will explain exactly what argument is and how to start building an argument essay so let’s get started what is argument argument is to convince an audience to accept a particular point of view or to perform a particular action it is also a piece of writing that takes a position […]


Introductions and Conclusions in Essay

I’d like to talk about introductions and conclusions because often they’re the hardest parts to do of the SS so personally I would leave them both to the end because your interest first are basically lists for things you’re going to say in your essay and if you’ve not written it yet quite often you […]

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Sales & Marketing Jobs Pros

Are sales for you? Sales positions are in every industry in the country. Pros and Positives: – Sales Jobs are plentiful. companies are always looking for sales professionals. – When you have 2+ years of experience it is generally easy to jump from job to job or company to company and demand higher base salaries […]

Research Paper

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper

It seems so easy – just choose a topic for your paper – and yet it is so hard. What to write about, and (just as important) what not to write about? The key is to balance what you are interested in with what you can manage. Choose the wrong topic and your paper may […]

Job Search

Salary negotiation tips for job interview

A successful interview session would often begin with resume review and end with salary negotiation. Do not walk away from it by simply agreeing to the salary and benefits offered to you. Never walk into one ill-prepared and jeopardize your chance of getting hired. Most importantly, clear your mind of the misconception that negotiating for a […]

Travel Tips

Packing Checklist for Your Canada Casino Tour

When heading to Canada mainly for casinos, one usually plans the trip throughout (if the trip is not spontaneous, but those kinds of trips usually end up in Vegas.) Plane tickets, hotel bookings, figuring out what casino to go to, all usually figured out before departure. If you are smart you will know I have […]